Why Is Gift Giving So Important? A Complete Guide

    Why Is Gift Giving So Important? A Complete Guide

    We all know that the act of giving a gift to a loved one is incredibly rewarding for both the gifter and the giftee. From the moment a perfectly wrapped gift appears, it’s just about impossible not to feel a childlike joy.

    And hopefully, if it was the right gift, a smile will remain solidly in place until long after the gift-giving has ended. We all remember the near-ferocious excitement of tearing into a wrapping paper-covered present at a childhood birthday party, but as we age, gifts become a more nuanced art.

    Even with the added complexity of shopping for an adult with a more refined taste, the excitement behind gift-giving and receiving remains steadfast as ever. If you ask us, there is just something magical about appreciating the bonds we share.

    Getting a gift is equal parts wonderful and fun, and that’s a universally acknowledged fact. But what about the other side of that equation: giving a gift? What is it about this selfless act that can be just as rewarding as opening a new present? In short, why is it that gift-giving is so important?

    A Gift Turns an Intangible Feeling Into a Tangible Item

    Love is one of the most fantastic feelings in the world, and it is a crucial part of what it means to be human. To be clear, this is in no way exclusive to just romantic love. Love between friends, family members, or other relationships can be just as meaningful. Love comes in countless forms and should be celebrated in all of them. The one thing love is not, however, is tangible.

    There are so many ways to express love, from a hug to a sincere compliment directly from the heart, but it is rarely made into a physical item. A gift is one of the few ways to express something as incorporeal as an emotion in a physical form. This is a rare and beautiful opportunity, so use it wisely. 

    Really consider what feelings and sentiments you are looking to convey with your gift. Do you want this present to be a physical manifestation of how much you appreciate them? Think extensively about who the intended gift recipient is and what matters to them. What kind of gift would have the most positive emotional impact?

    Giving Tells Someone That They’re on Your Mind

    No one likes to be forgotten, but more importantly, everyone loves to be remembered. You have the chance to show someone that you think of both them and what they find important by giving a gift. Keep in mind that a gift does not have to be particularly expensive to still be very meaningful. 

    A gift that tells someone you’re thinking of them could be as simple as something you associate with them, like their current or soon-to-be favorite book or an item in their favorite color. If you’re going about your day and see an item in a store window that reminds you of them, consider giving it to them as a gift! 

    It’s hard to go wrong with a well-intentioned gift, or as the saying goes, “It’s the thought that counts.” Take the time to think about what they would appreciate the most, whether it is a more practical item or something purely for fun. As long as the present is thoughtful and kind, the one getting the gift will certainly enjoy knowing they’re a part of your day, even if they can’t physically be there with you at the time.

    The Right Gift Can Help Newer Friendships Blossom

    We’ve established that giving a gift to someone with whom you have a profound relationship can be an immensely rewarding experience. That said, there are also times throughout the year that gifting something to an acquaintance is expected. This is always a great opportunity to cultivate a connection. After all, who doesn’t like getting gifts?

    Even if you do not currently know someone as well as you would like to, it’s important to put effort into your gift and its appearance. In fact, in relationships that have not yet deepened, a well-presented gift is seen as very meaningful and is a fantastic chance to open the door to further closeness in the future.

    In case you’re wondering what to get for someone you are only beginning to get to know, there are some safe options. If you know of an interest of theirs, but not the specifics, consider a gift card. Gift cards are an excellent way to show that you listen to their interests, and it allows them to get something great that they’ll always associate with you.

    In essence, you can give a gift to someone at any stage in your relationship. Whether it’s a holiday, a birthday, or just another average day of the week, presents big and small always light up the day.

    Gifts Allow You To Reminisce With Others

    Perhaps you have a cherished memory with a loved one. If this memory is so important to you, it is likely important to them as well. Think about the great times you’ve had together, and find a gift that helps usher those memories back for the both of you. Gifters often refrain from particularly sentimental gifts, even though receivers appreciate a heartfelt present over something more generic or utilitarian. 

    There are many ways to achieve the phenomenon we lovingly refer to as a “nostalgia gift,” but they all stem from what is most important in your relationship. For instance, if you had taken a wonderful trip together, find them a souvenir from that place that marks such a beautiful moment in your relationship. If you both value humor and communication, look into an item that makes an inside joke from your past physical. 

    Being able to look at your gift will show not only that you thought of them, but it also reminds them of memorable experiences you have had together. The right nostalgia gift elicits all of these feelings and more and is sure to be greatly appreciated.

    Gifting Is an Opportunity To Practice Gratitude

    When you give to someone, you are bringing the receiver joy in several different ways, including: 

    • Their physical, actual gift
    • The knowledge that you thought of them
    • They are aware that you put effort into making them happy
    • The positive memory of getting your gift
    • Receiving a gift provides the opportunity to be grateful

    Gratitude is an integral part of happiness, and few things inspire an immediate moment of gratitude quite like receiving a gift. In the moment of getting a gift, you are immediately shown that someone truly cares for you.

    The gift receiver can be grateful for both the physical item and that they have someone in their life (you) who values them highly enough to dedicate this time to their joy.

    You can also get them a gift that centers around mindfulness and connecting with yourself, allowing gratitude to come even easier. Astrological candles are an excellent example of just such a gift. They create a calm aura that lends itself to reflection while also being aesthetically pleasing in a way that won’t over-crowd or alter the delicate energy of a space.

    With the gift of an astrology candle from Birthdate Co., you not only give the gift of a custom, relaxing scent but a beautiful insight into the hidden aspects of your friend’s personality through an analysis of their ruling planet, ruling number, tarot reading, and specifics around their birthdate. Not only that, but the candle jar itself provides a beautiful aesthetic long after the candle itself is gone. 

    Gifts and Gratitude

    Gift-giving can be just as important and rewarding as gift receiving. Remember to go into the exchange of giving mindfully, always being cognizant of what would bring the intended giftee the greatest amount of joy. 

    This makes the receiver happy both because of their thoughtfully chosen physical gift, as well as the knowledge that you cared enough to consider them so deeply and know them so well. For the gift giver, being confident that a gift was perfectly chosen, that your time was well-spent and that someone you care about is now happy because of you all make the interaction immensely fulfilling.

    At the end of the day, that is the essence of gift-giving. These gestures, big and small, are integral to the human experience because they provide an opportunity to make the intangible into something tangible. Giving the right gift allows you to articulate the way someone makes you feel with something material. Truly, gift-giving is so important because it is another way to express love.


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